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Host roundtables, lectures or seminars in over 900 cities worldwide
Our training rooms are supplied fully furnished and equipped with secure, high-speed WiFi for all your guests. Your space is set up in advance of your arrival, so you can focus on the session itself.
Why choose a training room?
Customisable layout
Change the layout depending on the type of training being delivered.
Fully equipped
Projectors, flip charts and whiteboards are available as part of the hire cost.
Why choose a training room?
What does a training room include?
Professional staff to greet attendees upon arrival.
WiFi access is included for you and your guests.
Meeting support
Technical assistance and catering can be provided.
Who would benefit from a training room?
Velké firmy
Run training sessions in over ​3000 locations worldwide.
Malé firmy
Hold seminars for your prospective clients in a prestigious location.

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